Assuring Public Safety

for those seeking non-surgical treatments





About the JCCP - Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners

The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) was established in January 2016, following the publication of the final HEE Report on ‘Qualifications in the Non-Surgical Sector’, as the newly established body for self-regulation of the non-surgical sector in England to:

  • Provide information to the public seeking non-surgical treatments.
  • Maintain a register of accredited practitioners who meet the industry recognised standards for the delivery of non-surgical treatments.
  • Keep a list of approved education and training providers and qualifications.

The JCCP is a not-for-profit organisation supported by Government, statutory regulatory bodies (GMC, NMC, GDC, GPhC, HCPC) and many industry partners (Education Providers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Pharmacies, Professional Associations and many others).

The non-surgical area covered by the activities of the JCCP includes the injection of botulinum toxin and fillers, chemical peels/skin rejuvenation, laser treatments and hair restoration.

The Public

Non-surgical treatments need to be carried out by a recognised and registered Practitioner who has met the education, clinical and practice standards set by the JCCP. This site will allow the public to identify such Practitioners.


Non-surgical Practitioners will be able to register with the JCCP if they can demonstrate that they have met the appropriate education, clinical and practice standards as set by the JCCP, and follow its Code of Practice.

Education & Training

The JCCP will keep a Register of Approved Education and Training Providers who provide programmes that reflect the JCCP educational framework and standards, and that offer approved qualifications.