Part A of the JCCP Practitioner Register Professional Health Care Statutory Regulatory Bodies and their Associated Professions that are Recognised as Being Eligible for Consideration to Join the JCCP


When selecting and identifying a practitioner from the JCCP register, or whenever you use the register to confirm a practitioner’s status or qualifications, please remember that the register is divided into various sections.  Each section has its own descriptors but all practitioners are subject to the same JCCP standards of practice.  These require practitioners to operate from safe premises, hold appropriate insurance and to be publicly accountable.

The JCCP Practitioner Register is divided into Two Parts:

Part A is for regulated healthcare professionals, such as doctors, dentists, nurses, prescribing pharmacists, allied health professionals and others, who are also legally regulated by their own professional body (such as the General Medical Council, Nursing and Midwifery Council, General Dental Council, General Pharmaceutical Council, Health Care Professions Council etc).  This provides a further layer of public safety and assurance.

  1. General Medical Council:
    - Registered Medical Practitioner - Doctor
  2. General Dental Council:
    - Registered Dentists
    - Registered Dental Hygienists
    - Registered Dental Therapists
  3. Nursing & Midwifery Council:
    - Registered Nurse
    - Registered Midwife
  4. General Pharmaceutical Council:
    - Registered Pharmacist
  5. Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland:
    - Registered Pharmacist
  6. Health Care Professions Council:
    - Registered Physiotherapist
    - Registered Diagnostic Radiographer
    - Registered Therapeutic Radiographer
    - Registered Podiatrist \ Chiropodist
    - Registered Paramedic
    - Registered Operating Department Practitioner



Part B of the register is for professionally unregulated practitioners, many of whom are often from a beauty therapy background.  The JCCP currently only registers these practitioners for those aesthetic procedures that carry a lower level of risk (i.e. those aesthetic procedures that do not involve the injection of toxins, the insertion of dermal fillers or the use of more invasive lasers).

Part A of the register contains further subdivisions which are time-limited:

Category 1. This section of the register is for regulated healthcare practitioners who can provide evidence that they possess both a JCCP recognised aesthetics-related qualification (or equivalent) from an approved education provider and who can evidence that they have more than 3 years’ experience of working in the applied field of aesthetics.  Qualifications must conform with JCCP approved standards.

Category 2. This section of the register is for practitioners who can evidence relevant training but who do not possess a JCCP recognised qualification (or equivalent) in aesthetics.  They must have more than 2 years experience of practising in the aesthetics specialty.  JCCP approved aesthetic  qualifications are relatively new so there will be more Registrants included in this category of the Practitioner Register, but each Registrant in this category must normally obtain their qualification, or provide equivalent evidence of competence, in the 2 years following their registration.

Provisional register. This section of the register is for those practitioners who cannot, or have not yet demonstrated the qualifications and/or the experience necessary to be admitted to either Category A or B of the JCCP Practitioner Register.  Practitioners who are registered on the Provisional Register are required to have a named supervisor to support their practice.  If you select a practitioner from this part of the Register you are advised to confirm the details and nature of the professional supervision they receive.


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The JCCP is accountable to the public for all aspects of its work in order to promote patient safety and public protection. Members of the Public and Registrants are able to contact the JCCP to raise issues of concern by accessing the following web link.


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