Part A of the JCCP Practitioner Register Professional Health Care Statutory Regulatory Bodies and their Associated Professions that are Recognised as Being Eligible for Consideration to Join the JCCP

  1. General Medical Council:
    - Registered Medical Practitioner - Doctor
  2. General Dental Council:
    - Registered Dentists
    - Registered Dental Hygienists
    - Registered Dental Therapists
  3. Nursing & Midwifery Council:
    - Registered Nurse
    - Registered Midwife
  4. General Pharmaceutical Council:
    - Registered Pharmacist
  5. Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland:
    - Registered Pharmacist
  6. Health Care Professions Council:
    - Registered Physiotherapist
    - Registered Diagnostic Radiographer
    - Registered Therapeutic Radiographer
    - Registered Podiatrist \ Chiropodist
    - Registered Paramedic
    - Registered Operating Department Practitioner

The JCCP also registers fully trained and practice proficient non-clinicians (who meet all of the JCCP approved admission criteria and education and practice standards required to join its registers) on a separate part of its Practitioner Register (Part B).

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The JCCP is accountable to the public for all aspects of its work in order to promote patient safety and public protection. Members of the Public and Registrants are able to contact the JCCP to raise issues of concern by accessing the following web link.


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