Joining the Practitioner Register & Fees

  • The process for joining the register is the same for all Practitioners.

  • Registrants will need to complete a detailed electronic application, provide evidence and sign a ‘Self Declaration’ statement.

  • All registrants who meet the entry requirements will join as a ‘Provisional Members’ and be given up to two years to demonstrate evidence of full accreditation.


  • Registrants are able to be identified by both modality and level of practice

JCCP Practitioner Register Fees

  • The JCCP is a ‘not for profit’ company so its fees cover its operating costs only.

  • All Registrants pay the same annual fee for joining which will be £450.

  • The registration is renewed on an annual basis for the same fee.

  • All fees are non-refundable if a registrant leaves the register or is removed via the JCCP FTP procedures.


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