Structure of the Register

The JCCP Practitioner Register is divided into two parts:

Part A :

Practitioners who are registered with Professional Regulated Statutory Bodies that can provide oversight and work independently – Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Specific Allied Health Professionals and Pharmacists (some of who will also be prescribers).

Part B :

Practitioners who are not in current membership with, or are not eligible to join a Professional Statutory Regulatory Body/Council and who require clinical oversight for specific procedural interventions – Beauty Therapist, Aesthetic Practitioners and persons who are able to be registered with a PRSB but have elected not to do so.



Continual Personal and Professional Development is a critical element of continued registration with the JCCP

The JCCP has published guidelines on the CPPD requirements by modality - Appendix one

Sample JCCP CPPD Record - Appendix two

The JCCP has produced a procedure for the sampling of JCCP registrants for workplace premises standards and CPPD - Procedure


Guidance and Request for the Submission of Requested Evidence to Support CPPD, Premises Self-Declarations and Tratment Numbers

Treatment Log Template

Revised Patient Safety Risk Register

CCP Continuing Personal & Professional Development Record

CPD Reflective Accounts Template

Example of Sampled Evidence CPD Log

Example of Sampled Evidence Reflective Accounts

Exmple of Sampled Evidence Reflective Account 2

Example of Sampled Evidence Treatment Log

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