Easy to Read Public Guidance   ( Download)

We are the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners and we make sure that our Registrant Practitioners work safely to protect members of the public they treat.

Unconscious Bias Statement 2024   ( Download)

The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and care where members of the public and all our stakeholders and registrants feel supported and experiences a strong sense of belonging. As part of this commitment, our team is actively working to mitigate the effects of unconscious bias, along with encouraging all of colleagues to meaningfully engage with this issue.

JCCP guide to the Governments consultation on non-surgical cosmetic procedures  

The JCCP has prepared a public guide to the Government consultation, with a clear explanation of what it means and how to respond to it. This can be found here.

JCCP FAQ guide to the Governments consultation on non-surgical cosmetic procedures  

The JCCP's FAQ guide also covers the scope of the proposed license, and answers questions related to practitioner related issues, education and training, age restrictions and key stages of the consultation. You can read the full FAQ guide here.

Patient Emotional and Psychological Safety   ( Download)

This guidance document proposes actions that JCCP Registrants might seek to undertake to assure themselves that someone is not experiencing Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) before they undertake treatment. The JCCP recognises that BDD forms a discreet aspect of the psychological wellness and morbidity spectrum, and practitioners should review this paper in that context. However, the JCCP’s increasing understanding of the vulnerable nature of many individuals seeking cosmetic procedures necessitates a renewed focus on this specific area of concern.

Safeguarding Guidelines   ( Download)

These guidelines sit alongside the JCCP Code of Conduct 2020. They are designed to assist you to manage your practice in relation to safeguarding and adhere to the standards set out by any organisation that you are working for.

Statement on Professional Boundary Setting   ( Download)

Practitioners are responsible for setting up, monitoring and maintaining boundaries as part of their professional practice. Boundary setting require you to create a therapeutic relationship where the client feels safe and comfortable and free from both conscious and unconscious intimidation or exploitation.

JCCP and CPSA Code of Practice and Guidance

Open in browser window - click here

JCCP Good Practice Guide for Education and Training in the Aesthetics Sector

Please click here to access the JCCP Good Practice Guide for Education and Training in the Aesthetics Sector 

JCCP Education and Training Provider Pre Approval Application Form

Please click here to access the JCCP Education and Training Provider Pre Approval Application Form

THE JCCP’S 10 POINT PLAN   ( Download)

The Joint Council For Cosmetic Practitioners is an organisation working closely with government and national bodies seeking greater regulation on non-surgical aesthetic treatments and hair restoration surgery in the UK. Our ultimate aim is to create a safer environment for members of the public undergoing non-surgical treatments with mandated qualifications, premises criteria, insurance and many other steps relating to the sector and industry. Our 10 Point Plan lays out the campaigns we carry out and the goals we seek.

What Constitutes a Medical, Medically Related or Cosmetic Procedure?   ( Download)

This JCCP paper is intended to identify a range of relevant issues for discussion and to raise new questions to inform further dialogue relating to the above question. It is not, at this stage, intended to present a final determination.

Work Standards for conferences, exhibitions and mobile working   ( Download)

The Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) requires its members to self-certificate any premises or areas where any of the five modalities are performed.

For a better understanding of how you should and shouldn’t promote aesthetic treatments including prescription only medicines like Botulinum Toxin, please refer to the following links

JCCP Guidance Statement – Responsible Prescribing for Cosmetic Procedures   ( Download)

The JCCP issued its guidance on prescribing with in aesthetics in July 2019. This document details what we believe should be standard practice in prescribing for cosmetic purposes and has been agreed upon by multiple professional regulatory bodies

Practitioner Register Annual sampling procedure for workplace premises standards and CPD   ( Download)

The JCCP is required by the PSA to sample its registrant members annually to ensure that self-reporting returns provided by registrants complies with both JCCP published workplace premises and CPD standards.

Premises Standards - Audit Toolkit

Please click here to access the Premises Standards Audit Toolkit. A copy can be downloaded for your use. 

Our Treatment Modality Table is the simplest tool to refer to when discerning who should be delivering what treatments and to what level based on their education and profession

Continued Preparation and Adaptation of Workplace and Practice During COVID-19   ( Download)

In the absence of definitive government and professional advice, these guidelines are designed to provide you with a range of basic principles to achieve a standard of safety within the limits of our shared current understanding.

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