About Us - JCCP Constitution

The JCCP is a company limited by guarantee. This means that the JCCP will operate as a ‘not for profit’ body governed by a ‘Board of Trustees’ . The JCCP has applied for charitable status and must demonstrate that it is operating for ‘public benefit’ which in this case means ‘patient safety’ and ‘public protection’.

The objects of the JCCP have been logged at Companies House and are as follows:


  • The Charity's objects are to promote the health and safety of, and protection of the public by the development and promotion of high standards of practice among non-surgical cosmetic practitioners and hair restoration surgeons, including by (but not limited to):

    • defining, creating and maintaining an effective structure to inform the standard of professional education and training amongst non-surgical cosmetic practitioners and hair restoration surgeons, including maintaining a register of approved education and training providers;

    • working with professional regulated statutory bodies who are engaged with non-surgical cosmetic practice to agree appropriate processes for joint working with regard to fitness to practice and Registrant conduct, informed by the standards of practice proficiency and safe practice set down by the JCCP;

    • advancing the study and practice of non-surgical cosmetic interventions to inform and promote safe and effective practice standards for the public

    • advancing the education of the public and promoting research for the public benefit in the field of non-surgical cosmetic and hair restoration treatments;

    • providing knowledge and advice to stakeholder bodies and organisations responsible for developing and maintaining clinical and practice-based standards for non-surgical treatments to ensure public safety;

    • regulation through the maintenance a voluntary register of persons who are fit to practice as non-surgical cosmetic practitioners and hair restoration surgeons, having met prescribed criteria and continuing professional development requirements (Registrants); and

    • publishing, operating and implementing a code of practice for Registrants in the interests of public protection

  • In these Articles, charitable means charitable in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom provided that it will not include any purpose that is not charitable in accordance with section 7 of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 and/or section 2 of the Charities Act (Northern Ireland) 2008.

JCCP Governance Structure



JCCP Annual Report and Accounts (2018/19) - click here

JCCP Annual Report and Accounts (2019/20) - click here


JCCP Board of Trustees

The JCCP has established a Board of Trustees under the Chairmanship of Professor David Sines, CBE. Professor Sines chaired the HEE stakeholder consultation process following the Keogh Review and has acted as the Chair of the JCCP of the Council since January 2016. Professor Mary Lovegrove OBE has been appointed Chair of the JCCP Education and Training Committee and Andrew Rankin Chair of the Practitioner Register Committee. All three are Trustees of the JCCP. This has now been agreed after legal consultation on due process and these changes have been registered at Companies House’

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