About Us - Mission Statement & Values

  • ‘The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) and the Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority (CPSA) are the recognised self-regulators of the non-surgical aesthetic industry in the UK and the point of access for the public seeking information about this area of practice and where appropriate for raising concerns about practitioners. The JCCP places public protection and patient safety as the focus of its activities.

  • JCCP Practitioner Registrants and associated Education and Training Providers will be accredited and endorsed by the JCCP as meeting the highest standards of quality by ensuring that all parties who have been admitted to the JCCP’s Registers have met the agreed industry qualifications, benchmarks and abide by the standards of practice and behaviour as determined by the Cosmetic Industry CPSA and the JCCP’.

JCCP Values

  • Upholding Patient Safety and Public Confidence as the core driving force of the JCCP

  • Inclusivity, Equality and Diversity

  • Operating its Register of Practitioners and Education and Training Providers within a strict and agreed Code of Practice that embodies robust ethical standards to providing aesthetic treatments.

  • Openness, fairness and independence.

  • Commitment to Equality of Opportunity, Inclusion and Diversity.

  • Working in partnership with patients and all key stakeholders in the aesthetic industry.

  • Recognising innovation and best evidenced-based practice and responding to change.

Protecting the Public

  • Applying strict standards for entry to the JCCP Register and for continued registration.

  • Approving education and training providers that deliver programmes that meet the standards.

  • Maintaining a register of individuals who successfully complete those programmes and accreditation procedures.

  • Taking action if the standards may not have been met.

  • Establishing clear and simple procedures to enable the public to raise issues of concern about the professional practice of registrants.

  • Providing simple and easily accessible information to the public considering non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

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