About Us - About the JCCP

New Structures for the Non-Surgical Sector:

  • Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners - JCCP –

    the body that registers practitioners and approved education and training providers with the key remit of ensuring patient safety

  • Cosmetic Standards Practice Authority – CPSA –

    the body that sets practice standards for the non-surgical sector and collects data on adverse incidents and complications.

The JCCP Aspiration....

"Seeking to become a 'thoughtful organisation' that encourages the pursuit of trustworthiness and effective collaboration amongst its partners in order to protect the public and to promote excellence in practise."

Why establish JCCP?

  • To provide credible regulation, protection and guidance for the public/patients in a currently unregulated sector.

  • To establish a recognised vehicle for accrediting and assessing practitioners and training providers in the non-surgical sector.

  • To reduce risk to all parties working in the sector.

  • To provide a focal point for the many key stakeholders in the sector.

  • To agree with the Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority (CPSA) a set of clinical and practice standards that can be used for registration and the development of a set of accredited and recognised educational / training qualifications, programmes and bodies.

Key Functions of the JCCP

Establishing and managing
  • Establishing and managing Register (s) for practitioners and the approved education and training providers.

  • Publishing a ‘Code of Conduct’ for its members and a set of procedures linked to other Codes of practice operated by Statutory Councils – GMC,NMC, GDC, GPhC and the HCPC.

  • Publicising the Register (s) which will identify members of the JCCP – fully annotated, its function, Code of Conduct and be accessible to the general public.

  • Accrediting individual practitioners and approved training/education providers against the agreed standards


Key Functions of the JCCP

To upgrade the Health Education England (HEE) educational and qualification framework for non-surgical treatments with clinical and practice based standards devised by independent and voluntary experts.


To provide a focal point for the collection of data on adverse incidents and complications arising from non-surgical treatments.


To act as an expert body looking at emerging orphan treatments in the non-surgical sector.


Key Functions of the CPSA

  • Setting the standards of clinical and practice proficiency

  • Developing and leading on evidence based research

  • To scan horizons for new treatments informed by the evidence base for those treatments and then sharing the same with the JCCP to refresh and develop related educational curricula

  • Collection of activity data, adverse event data, developing Patient Outcome Measures, Patient Experience Measures

  • Working with the JCCP and advising other regulatory bodies and Councils on standards with regard to aesthetic treatments.


Key Functions of the JCCP

Standards by Modality
  • Injectables

  • Fillers

  • Peels

  • Laser and Light

  • Hair Restoration Surgery

Supervisory Framework for Treatments
  • By modality

  • By level

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