Acquisition Aesthetics Achieves JCCP Accreditation


Acquisition Aesthetics is proud to announce its recent accreditation by the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP); the JCCP is a recognised regulatory body for the aesthetics industry in the UK, ensuring safe and ethical practice.

This accreditation highlights our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in aesthetic training for healthcare practitioners and patient care.

Acquisition Aesthetics offers comprehensive training programmes for healthcare practitioners in non-surgical injectables, including neurotoxin and dermal fillers. The Level 7 Diploma, also provided by Acquisition Aesthetics, enables healthcare practitioners to establish a deep understanding of aesthetic procedures through supervised live injecting, extensive scientific literature and assessment based tasks. The Diploma is widely recognised as the gold standard of aesthetics training, demonstrating a level of competency which will be considered compatible with the anticipated regulatory changes and new licensing scheme.

The JCCP accreditation, which is a testament to the quality and rigour of our training programmes, was achieved through close collaboration with the JCCP. This new partnership ensures that our courses meet the stringent standards set by the JCCP in terms of safety, ethics, and clinical patient care.

Acquisition Aesthetics Director Dr Lara Watson said “Becoming recognised as a JCCP approved training provider marks a major milestone for Acquisition Aesthetics. The new status indicates our decided intention to work with the JCCP towards the betterment of our industry, supporting better outcomes and a safer landscape for practitioners and their patients.”

Professor David Sines CBE, Chair and Registrar of the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners, said: “The JCCP is pleased to announce the addition of the Acquisition Aesthetics Level 7 Diploma in Clinical Aesthetic Injectables to the JCCP list of Approved Education and Training Providers. The importance of providing members of the aesthetic practitioner community with access to approved educational programmes at this particular time is important as we approach a new era of Government led scrutiny and licensing in England for non-surgical cosmetic practice. The JCCP and the CPSA have worked closely with the Government and regulatory authorities in England to assist in the design of legally enforceable governance arrangements for the cosmetic sector. The Government’s recently published consultation document on the licensing scheme in England is the result of our long term work and collaboration to implement a new sustainable system of regulation to protect members of the public. The JCCP warmly welcomes important step towards proper regulation. Nothing is more important than public protection and patient safety.

“Acquisition Aesthetics has for many years demonstrated its commitment to promoting these tenets of good practice and evidence based education. The JCCP is therefore privileged and delighted to have been requested to approve this programe

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