Considering your first cosmetic procedure?


If you are thinking about your first aesthetic non-surgical procedure… read on!  Dawn Knight, a highly-regarded campaigner for patient safety in the non-surgical cosmetic field and a Trustee of the JCCP, has compiled the following the following list of questions and answers as you decide what you would like, why, and who you might look to for help as you make your way through that decision making process.


Ask yourself what has prompted you to seek out a procedure, what might that be?  It could be that you just want to freshen up your look, or you may feel life is busy and you want to take time out for “me”.  Or perhaps your friends are receiving cosmetic procedures, it’s all over social media and… well, everyone seems to be doing it, right?


So, here are some important questions to consider.


Q. Have I fully researched the procedure?  Do I know where to look?


We would suggest you seek out a practitioner who is either registered on a recognised register, such as a Doctor, Nurse, Nurse Prescriber, Plastic Surgeon, Dentist, Physiotherapist etc. or someone who is on the JCCP register.


Q. Am I doing this simply because I have seen a deal on Facebook?  How do I feel about myself, my appearance and if I change just one thing will that fix everything in my life?


Take the time to ask yourself what bothers you about your appearance?  Talk to family and friends about your plans?  If the deal or offer sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is!  Most importantly never feel pressured to go ahead with a procedure you are not completely sure about.  We would strongly advise you to check out the mind over mirror series


Q. Do I understand there could be complications?


All procedures carry risk, you should conduct extensive research into the procedure you’re considering.  You could ask you GP for advice.  Be careful about what you are told on social media, it’s not always true.  And you can get reliable information about specific procedures by visiting the JCCP&me website JCCP & ME – Protecting every procedure (


Q. What if I’m not considered suitable for the procedure?


Your practitioner should be willing to discuss alternatives, maybe something non-invasive.


Next month, in the JCCP public newsletter we’ll look at “informed consent”.  What is it and what does it means for you?  Then in later editions of the newsletter we’ll explore best practice in assessing your needs, in consulting with you, recovery and results, complications and life after treatment.

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