Covid 19 - Preparing for Return to Work

The JCCP has now produced a guidance document, working in conjunction with sk:n, to ensure, that as far as is reasonably possible, best practice is adopted when returning to practice following the current Covid-19 pandemic situation. As ever, safety of the patient, public and the practitioner is central to all that we do. The JCCP believes that there should be no compromise in safety for financial gain. This document does not make a suggestion of when practice should resume; this must be in line with Government advice; but this should only be when the Government confirms that clinics and treatment centres can officially and legitimately resume their businesses. The UK Government has now confirmed that beauty salons will not be permitted to resume their business until at least the 4th July 2020. The JCCP supports this position and does support a resumption of practice during the government-imposed lockdown. Government advice on resumption of practice should form part of the decision to reopen, along with your ability to implement a risk-assessed and informed policy, and other material factors which may impinge on your capacity to perform safely and responsibly.


Read full Press Release here.


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