JCCP awarded PSA Status



Press Release 9- Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) awarded Professional Standards Authority (PSA) Status


The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners, a recently launched ‘self-regulating’ body for the non-surgical aesthetics and hair restoration sector, has been awarded PSA status. This status reflects the overarching not-for-profit mission of the JCCP charity which is public safety.

The PSA is the Government Regulator of Professional Regulated Statutory Bodies (PSRB’s) and public registers in the health and social care sector.

The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care oversees nine statutory bodies that regulate health and social care professionals in the UK.

The PSA assess their performance and report to Parliament. The PSA also conduct audits and investigations and can appeal fitness to practise cases to the courts if they consider that sanctions are unduly lenient and it is in the public interest.

The PSA also set standards for organisations holding registers for health and social care occupations not regulated by law and accredit those that meet them.

Accredited registers can encompass a wide range of occupations and organisations and the Professional Standards Authority may accredit more than one register in any particular occupation. Those accredited are entitled to use the Authority’s accreditation mark so that they can be distinguished easily

Accredited registration is different from statutory professional registration. It is voluntary, not compulsory. Whilst practitioners can work in unregulated occupations without being on any register, the Authority’s Accreditation Scheme now offers people the option of seeking practitioners on a register that has been vetted and approved

The JCCP operates a voluntary PSA accredited  register of practitioners and a register of education and training providers. Its formation has involved working with over 200 interest groups, over 400 clinicians and allied practitioners and experts across all professional sectors, product manufacturers, pharmacies, distributors, patient groups, educationalists, professional associations and many more. It has the direct support of the GMC, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Ofqual the qualifications regulator.

The procedures covered include the injection of botulinum toxin and fillers, chemical peels/skin rejuvenation, laser treatments and hair restoration surgery.

The primary aim of the JCCP is to provide a mechanism enabling the public to be more informed about the risks associated with non-surgical and hair restoration treatments and to clearly identify safe and appropriately trained practitioners across all non-surgical cosmetic and hair restoration surgical treatments.

Professor David Sines CBE, JCCP Chair said

“The JCCP is delighted to have been able to demonstrate compliance with the rigorous standards mandated by the Professional Standards Authority in recognition of the Council’s declared commitment to patient safety and public protection.

I regard this to be a major step forward in the quest to deliver a new system of voluntary regulation within the rapidly developing and complex area of aesthetic treatments. Accreditation of the JCCP’s Register and the application of the Accredited Register quality mark will provide the public with the confidence and assurance they require to obtain treatment from those practitioners who practise safely and in accordance with our published practice and educational standards”

 Harry Cayton, Chief Executive of the Professional Standards Authority said: “We are very pleased to accredit the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners register. Bringing these practitioners into a broad framework of assurance is good for patients, the public and is the best way to promote patient safety.

There are many other significant announcements to follow from the JCCP in the coming weeks, including its partnerships with the GMC and other statutory regulators plus agreements with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Ofqual (the qualifications regulator).


Notes to Editors:

The JCCP practitioner register is current open for practitioners to apply to join. It will be freely available for the public to view in April.

For further information on the role of the JCCP and its governance, please contact:

Professor David Sines –Chair JCCP – david.sines@jccp.org.uk   

For information on the JCCP go to:



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