Press Release 14 - JCCP launches Education and Training Register and new Competence Framework


Press Release 14 Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) – New JCCP Competency Framework for Aesthetic Practice supersedes HEE standards.


The Department of Health mandated Health Education England (HEE) to produce education and training standards for aesthetic practice in 2013. Professor David Sines – CBE chaired the HEE process to produce the resultant education and training framework during 2013/4.


The standards were successfully presented to the Department of Health (supported by Sir Bruce Keogh, CQC, the PSBRs and Royal Colleges) in October 2015. The standards were subsequently accepted in January 2016 and a new voluntary regulatory register was established (as recommended in the HEE Report) - the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP). Professor Sines was asked to Chair this new body in January 2016. He has led the process throughout its development phase culminating in the formal launch of the JCCP at the House of Lords in February 2018.


The JCCP has achieved full accreditation from the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) and is a registered UK Charity. The JCCP also has an MoU with the GMC and others are in development with other professional statutory regulators with the aim of sharing education, training and practice standards and public protection fitness to practice procedures etc.


Progress to date has been significant and the JCCP has now produced revised sector wide education & training standards competency framework that builds on and enhances the 2015 HEE Education and Training Framework entitled ‘Qualification requirements for delivery of cosmetic procedures: Non-surgical cosmetic interventions and hair restoration surgery’. This framework was transferred to the JCCP from HEE for ‘custodianship’ and ’stewardship’ in May, 2016 and is now formally owned and overseen by the JCCP.


Since that time the JCCP has worked to create and design the Council in line with PSA standards and has established a formal Committee with the specific remit to review, enhance and revise the original HEE framework in line with new practice standards developed by the Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority (CPSA). The new ‘JCCP Competency Framework for Aesthetic Practice’  can be used by the JCCP to register practitioners and by Education and Training Providers to develop qualifications and education/training programmes that accord with the JCCP’s education and training standards & CPSA practice standards.


The new Education & Training Standards and Competency Framework are now published on the JCCP web site and may be viewed at:


The JCCP will continue to acknowledge the HEE origins of the standards which is a matter of record. The JCCP is now informing all interested parties that the former HEE framework is no longer applicable and will be replaced by the newly issued JCCP Education & Training Standards & Competency Framework for Aesthetic Practice which has now been published (see weblink cited above). HEE confirmed their agreement to this decision on the 30th May 2018.


The JCCP is aware that many training providers have been using the existing HEE framework to develop programmes and qualifications. Whilst this continues to be regarded as good practice, the JCCP now wishes to enter into discussion with education and training providers to determine how the new JCCP Education & Training Standards & Competency Framework for Cosmetic c Practice can be used to enhance and upgrade programmes and qualifications in accordance with the JCCP and CPSA standards. Alignment to this new framework will be a condition for those Education and Training Providers who wish to be recognised as JCCP Approved Education and Training Providers and included in the JCCP Register of Approved Education and Training Providers. The JCCP has now launched its Register of Approved Education and Training providers. Details of the ‘Standards to enter the JCCP Education and Training Providers Register’ (2018) may be viewed via the following weblink:


It should be noted that the new JCCP Competency Framework for Aesthetic Practice is the subject of copyright and attributable ownership to the JCCP.




Notes to Editors:

The JCCP Education and Training Register is open for practitioners to join. It will be freely available for the public to view from September 2018.

For further information on the role of the JCCP and its Education and Training activities, please contact:

Professor David Sines CBE –Chair JCCP –   

For general information and enquiries on the JCCP go to:


For further information on standards for non-surgical aesthetic treatments and hair restoration surgery please go to:

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